The Covid Diarrhea

We have been house-bound since March 16th, 2020. That is, except for a weekly trip to the local grocer and the post office. Please don’t misunderstand. Being in isolation is not something that we abhor. Our name for home is “Sanctuary”. It is the place where we seek solace from all of the situations that drain our energy. It is where we plug into our personal charging stations to re energize. We are introverts.

Our home is quiet. That doesn’t mean to be without sound. The TV runs from time to time throughout the day. Sometimes because there is something we actually want to see. Right now the news is important because we are wanting to know how close the Covid-19 virus is to our doorstep. So far, there are no cases in our community. At least, not that we’ve heard.

Our ages fall into that ‘more susceptible’ bracket for this virus so we are being as cautious as we can.

As this isolation continues, it becomes apparent that Canada’s leaders Seem to be making some sound decisions about how we should just STAY HOME, WASH OUR HANDS, and COUGH INTO OUR SLEEVES. That’s our daily routine. Oh! I forgot about naps! Naps! I’m planning on seeing my family doctor in the near future. I think I’ll beg for a permanent prescription for Naps. An afternoon nap is amazing therapy. It is better than any other medication I can name. I think afternoon naps should be mandated.

I remember having naps in Kindergarten. I wonder why they cut them on the moment I went on to Grade One?

So, I think, now that we are into the rhythm of this self-isolation activity, I’ll start documenting some of my/our observations now that some routines have been established.

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