Snow Daze…
January 3, 2015

I wakened this morning and sat with my first coffee of the day eying the amount of snow that fell overnight and filled my driveway. Stormy thoughts of being related to Joe Btfsplk (look it up) fed my misfortune. Drat! The meteorologists were correct; my driveway could expect 15 – 20 cm of snow overnight. Yup! It was there! Sitting in my driveway.

Coffee done, snow shovel in hand I began the ritual removal of the offending material. I still have difficulty with the “s” word. Two hours of shovelling and the driveway was pristine. I could even see bare pavement in some places. The snowfall had lessened. It was only -10C and quite delightful outside. I had a great workout. Thank you great snow creature in the sky.

I’m inside sitting with my second coffee of the day watching as the snowfall becomes heavier. The drifts around the wheels of my car are a measure to the rate of accumulation. If I sip my coffee slowly enough chances are good that the car will by then have disappeared to be replaced by a small practice ski hill or beginners toboggan run. If I sip my coffee slowly enough, Spring may arrive and I’ll once again have my car sitting in the driveway awaiting my attention. If I sip my coffee slowly enough…


Remember the S@%* word? Well I just said it again!
May 16, 2009

Heh! Here I thought I could get away without ever cursing again and Mother Nature throws us a curve. It is the May long weekend–the first camping weekend of the season and the temperature is 3C and this morning it snowed! There I said it again–the “S” word. Forgive me! I really don’t mean to offend, but I would like to go outside and work in my garden. I just don’t want to do it wearing long johns, an overcoat and snow shoes.

This winter has dragged on long enough. Joy and I drove to Nipigon this past week and noted on the way that there is still ice clinging to the rock faces and on the south side of the highway snow can still be seen in some of the sheltered nooks and  under tree overhangs. Water runoff from spring thaw has not been nearly so spectacual this year because the melt has been slow and gradual.

I suppose that is a good thing in some ways. It means that much of the normal runoff may have been absorbed by the soil. That should bode well for the fire season by delaying the dry spell some. Heavens, the dry spell may never come this year if the temperatures don’t soon get at least back to normal.

Sigh!             GRB

Today I used the “S*%@” word…
October 2, 2008

Snow! There I said it again. Today it snowed! October 2, 2008 and at 2:03 pm it snowed on sanctuary. Mother Nature, we need to chat.            GRB