I’m in my 22 year of retirement from education and continue to reside in northwestern Ontario. My education career reflects the fact that my interests are many and quite varied. I have taught in elementary and secondary school, college and university programs, served as a consultant in library and audio-visual services and computers in education, served as an Education Officer for the MOE and ended my career in secondary school administration.

I view myself as a story-teller and frequently share story and encourage literacy in classrooms and daycare. I encourage parents to tell story to their children and to read with them with passion, daily.

This blog serves as an organizer for my thoughts on all of the things that spur my interest and concerns from day-to-day when I make time to do so and when I have something I want to share.

The fact that I have written sporadically is testimony to the fact that there is much in my life that is fulfilling. I have difficulty at the end of the day, sitting and writing about the last great adventure. Sleep is my adversary and frequently wins. My interests include family, church, scuba diving, cooking, techno-gadgetry, woodworking, filmography and photography to name but a few.

At one time I thought I might like to travel in retirement. I have since discovered that I am most comfortable at home. Even so, much about life continues to interest me.  …GRB

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