I am coming to HATE computing and Windows 10…

I cannot find sufficient words to express how much I dislike Windows 10. I am weary from attempting to customise this operating system so that it does not track my movements or feed me ads. I am tired of algorithms that attempt to anticipate my needs and feed me suggestions that it thinks I really want.I am weary of having to wait for updates to be installed when I least expect it. I am weary of having programs (not apps)that need to always know my location, contacts, access to my photos, my e-mail, my camera, my microphone, my storage devices when all I wanted to know is the weather, or that name of a book, or the depth of an ocean.

What I really want is an operating system that responds to my needs directly. When I do a search I want all of the possibilities that are possible answers to the original query. I am fully capable of deciding which I want to follow or read in depth.

Mostly I am tired of ads. I am tired of ads that tell me to play games that are of no interest to me; ads that constantly direct me to buy something that the system thinks I need to consume; ads that direct me to connect to persons that I don’t know, don’t want to know or that the system thinks I should be connected to in order to have a more complete life.

I know this will get some responses from the Mac users suggesting that I switch. The reality is that Macs are no better. Apple is forcing us into the same places as Microsoft. We need to be always connected, always buying, always commenting, always…


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