Shaping Up…2015

Last June I weighted in at 96.2 kg and realized that not only was I feeling like a slug, I was becoming one in appearance and attitude. I don’t mean that I was all slimy and slippery, just loaded with lethargy, sloth-like in my movements and more comfortable sitting than doing anything else. the decision to change was easy. Follow-through not so easy.

It was the visit to my doctor and diabetes caregiver that set the tone. “It’s time,” they said, “that we consider options other than diet control and exercise to keep your diabetes in check.” That’s akin to having my head smacked into a brick wall. Wake up! Smell the roses! Life-style change time!

The good news is that that wake-up call was the inspiration I needed to set a path to becoming healthier. As of January 1, 2015 I have lost 17.2 kg. Walking daily and swimming 5 days a week along with a more sensible diet has had the desired effect. The challenge is to maintain the momentum and to achieve my desired goal – only 7.6 kg to go.

2015 is shaping up to be a worthwhile year.


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