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Gettin’ Ready…
January 10, 2012

As usual, we started our first travel day totally unprepared for travel. I’m not entirely certain why that happens; we just never seem  ready.

It reminds me of the Scott Douglas play “Strange Angels”. Kar-ul, the angel, has just smacked Joe in the head–his method of delivering his message to Joe.

“What does it mean?” Joe asks Kar-ul.

“I think it means you’re going to die!” responds Kar-ul.

And Joe responds, “I know I’m going to die. We’re all going to die sometime.”

“You don’t live like you are going to die!” replies Kar-ul.

I’m thinking Joy and I are like Joe; we just never seem ready. Sigh.

We talked about this some after I shared my thought with her and the truth is that we really are ready for whatever comes our way. We are  just reluctant to take the first step into a new adventure much preferring the comfort of the spaces and places we know well. Especially home. We really do like being home with all of our comforts–friends, family, routines. It is the interruptions to our routines that we are never prepared for.

Regardless, we have made the leap again; car to Thunder Bay, visit with Karen, overnight with friends Pat and Jim and skip hop to Abbotsford via Westjet.

One of the things that I have been dreading is the persistent and seemingly constant winter rains of the lower mainland of BC. I find it cold! Bone chilling cold. Sit in a tub of hot water to warm up cold.

Standing on Richard's front steps watching the light on the Golden Ears.

To my surprise and delight our first day dawned bright and sunny, cool but sunny. And we watched the sunlight dance on the top of the Golden Ears.