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Remember the S@%* word? Well I just said it again!
May 16, 2009

Heh! Here I thought I could get away without ever cursing again and Mother Nature throws us a curve. It is the May long weekend–the first camping weekend of the season and the temperature is 3C and this morning it snowed! There I said it again–the “S” word. Forgive me! I really don’t mean to offend, but I would like to go outside and work in my garden. I just don’t want to do it wearing long johns, an overcoat and snow shoes.

This winter has dragged on long enough. Joy and I drove to Nipigon this past week and noted on the way that there is still ice clinging to the rock faces and on the south side of the highway snow can still be seen in some of the sheltered nooks and  under tree overhangs. Water runoff from spring thaw has not been nearly so spectacual this year because the melt has been slow and gradual.

I suppose that is a good thing in some ways. It means that much of the normal runoff may have been absorbed by the soil. That should bode well for the fire season by delaying the dry spell some. Heavens, the dry spell may never come this year if the temperatures don’t soon get at least back to normal.

Sigh!             GRB

Just fiddling around…
May 7, 2009

Foot stomping, toe tapping, hand clapping music filled the air last night. The Scott Woods Band ( was in town and performed a grand concert that took me back to my years of listening to the raido on Sarurday or Sunday nights to listen to Grand Old Opry and Don Messer and the Islanders. Check out his web site and if you live in central and western Canada, keep an eye on your local newspaper. An eveing of Old-time Country and Fiddle Music live may be what the doctor ordered. This family band is well worth your attention.      Geob

Who said doctors don’t make house-calls?
May 7, 2009

One morning during Advent I came to the realization that doctors do still make house calls! In Sanctuary the rule is that whoever wakens and turns out first in the morning is responsible for putting on coffee. As it happened it was my turn to prepare the elixir to start the rhythm of the day.

The pot was readied, and as I was about to pour the first cup of Kick Ass java for the day, I was distracted by a scraping sound. I opened the back door, stuck my head around the door frame to see Doctor Sarah and her two sons busily scraping the previous night’s snow from my stairs and walkway. I hollered a greeting and a thank you. Doctor Sarah’s response was to pick up a bag hanging on the front door knob and she handed it to me saying, “I was at home making bread and thinking about all that you and Joy do  in our community. I just wanted to say thanks.” I peeked into the bag to find a still warm loaf of fresh bread made by the hands of one of our community’s physicians. A house call in deed!

I was reminded of this story today when meeting a friend who works in the gift shop at the local hospital. She shared with me the following story.

“This morning, the dogs began barking near the front door.” said Becky. “I looked out the window and all I could see was a van in the driveway that I didn’t recognize. I settled the dogs and went out the back door to find Doctor Sarah coming up the walk with a basket of flowers.”

Sarah passed the flowers to me saying she had seen me helping at the concert last night; that she sees me wherever people need help. She just wanted to say thank you. What a wonderful house call.”