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Today I used the “S*%@” word…
October 2, 2008

Snow! There I said it again. Today it snowed! October 2, 2008 and at 2:03 pm it snowed on sanctuary. Mother Nature, we need to chat.            GRB

Trundling along following a brief absence …
October 2, 2008

I know! I know! I have not written for the past month. It is not that I have had nothing to write about; there have been other things that have taken time from my life. As I age I am finding that while my computer is marvellous at multi-tasking, I am not. I seem to be much more comfortable dealing with one thing to completion and then go on to the next.

In among the occasional rant about elections, I continue to work with Joy (there is that pun again) on the house. When the weather is good we work outside. We have done considerable inside work this past September. The decision was made to renew–to refresh the appearance of the back bedroom. That is what we call the spare bedroom in our home. Sometimes it is referred to as Cloudia’s room or Ken’s room. They are the two people who most often occupy the space. And Cloud’s toys are the main feature of the space.

Changing the decor was spurred on by the loaning out of the double bed that has occupied the room for many years. Joy had a vision that included changing the paint, cleaning the carpet, painting the ceiling and the trim. (As an aside, I learned that one should always paint the ceiling first, then the walls and the trim.) Her picture of the space inclucded replacing the double bed with a trundle bed. And that proved to be the big challenge for the month and took three trips to Sault Ste. Marie to bring it to completion.

Trundle beds do not seem to be a common item in Canada. That is perhaps a bit harsh. Suffice to say that trundle beds are not common in Northwestern Ontario. We went to most of the furniture stores in Sault Ste. Marie only to find that many had heard of them but few or none on display. We wanted a trundle that when pulled out from under a single bed would rise up to the same height as the single. Magic! A surprise double bed! NOT! Mostly what we heard from suppliers is, “We have to order one in and we don’t know if the two mattresses line up at the same height to make a double bed.”

People in Upper Michigan must think about spare rooms in the same manner as we. A trip across the

border into the States solved the dilemma. We found a wonderful furniture store named Shunk’s that not only had a variety  of trundle beds on display but provided exemplary service without any pressure or sales pitch. They demonstrated all of the options and then left us alone to make a decision. We did! We bought! They delivered across the border to Sault Ste. Marie, ON, met us at the border crossing to clear customs and had we been home, would have set the bed up for us.

The room is now finished. All that remains is to let Cloudia and Ken know that their room is once again ready for occupancy. With any luck that will mean a sleep over with our granddaughter soon and a visit from our friend Ken in the forseeable future.  Life is good. On to the next…        GRB