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I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more…
September 1, 2008

Daily we are hearing more and more in the news media that Prime Minister Harper is going to call a fall election. So here we go again with the expense and hype of an election before the term of the current parliament is up. This minority government was elected for a four year term for the second time.

The message that all parties should have received as a result of the last two elections is that none of the existing parties is worthy of being in power and all lack carismatic leadership with vision. But, mostly I am angry because the government passed into law a rule that elections be on a fixed date ostensibly to limit political whim from calling another election (see: That would make the calling of an election illegal (see:

Last night someone from the Conservative Party called and asked Joy if she would take the time to participate in a poll. She answered that she wasn’t interested and hung up the phone. Now I’m wishing that I had been the one to answer the phone because I would love to give the Conservative pollsters a piece of my mind and let then know how unhappy I am; that “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more…”.

Having said that, I have no idea what I should do about how angry, frustreated and betrayed I feel by our government leaders. They are where they are by the will of the populace and I expect them to do their jobs for the full term of their office. It is my belief that when  a minority government is elected, it is because of lack of confidence in any one party to lead. The message seems to me to be, “cooperate and do your job for the betterment of our society”. So how do I tell them that?

Let’s see. I could:

  1. write to every member of parliament telling of my displeasure
  2. write to each of the political parties telling them of my displeasure
  3. write to local papers about my displeasure
  4. move to Quebec and vote Bloc Québécois. Gilles Duceppe makes more sense than any of the other leaders
  5. Suggestions?

I wonder what else it will take to have our elected officials get the message?             GRB