Where are you Noah when a fellow needs an ARK?

Today the car needed servicing so I travelled an hour down the highway to the dealership and left my car in their care. I did note that there was a lowering sky. Heavy dark clouds were building north of the town and in the distance I could hear the deep rumble of thunder. Actually the clouds were more than dark; they were black, intensely black and they were piling up higher and higher. There were some powerful updrafts raising the tops of the clouds heavenward.

I watched a while longer standing out on the street in awe of the power of nature. Meteorology was one of my favourite courses when doing my Degree in Geography. It was a very loud clap of thunder that wakened me from my reverie. “That one was much closer”, thought I unfurling my umbrella in anticipation of becoming very wet and striding off in haste toward the restaurant.

No sooner did I enter the restaurant than another clap of thunder shook the building and lightning streaked across the sky. The rain started, first lightly then with increasing force until it was like watching someone upturn a large pail of water. Individual drops were replaced by a torrent and now other patrons were on their feet faces glued to the windows.

It was about that time that I began to think about the great flood. You know the one where God said, “Noah! I want you to build an ark.” And Noah responded with, “Riiiiiight! What’s an ark?”

But the Creator wasn’t done this day, yet! Powerful winds drove down the face of the cliff across the highway opposite the restaurant. The glass in the large picture windows bowed inward slightly from its force and it drove the rain sideways. The prudent ones stepped back from the glass not quite trusting its strength. Building eaves were no protection at all.

I watched two young women make a dash for their car in the parking lot; their squealing could be heard above the din of the driving rain. Long before they reached their car to fumbled with the key in the lock, their hair was plastered to their heads dripping rivulets from each strand. Chances are good that they sat in puddles when their botoms hit the car seats. It must have been a very important appointment that drove them out into that rain. Then again, maybe they still liked running through puddles. It is still high on my list of entertainment.

I started making plans, mentally sketching out the architecture of an ark. Where in the heck is Noah when a fellow needs an ark? And what’s a cubit anyway?

As suddenly as it started, it stopped! Dead calm! An occasional plip into one of the myriad puddles in the parking lot. So I’ll just put these ark plans on hold for now. I’m ready for the real thing. Was this a test, God? Heh! Heh!            GRB

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