For the love of music…

Tonight was the fifth in the series of Concerts in the Park(ing Lot) and featured “Outside the Lines” with local singer songwriter Bonnie Couchie warming up the crowd.

We truly are a dedicated crowd with a passion for music regardless of the venue or the climate. Tonight was a classic example of the devotion we have for supporting Canadian musicians.

At 6:30 pm the fog pulled back to the lake and the sun shone. A glorious evening for an outdoor concert. We gathered our chairs, picked up our granddaughter and off we went. Chairs were set close to and centered on the performers. We helped set the barricades to keeep traffic out of the concert area of the parking lot and hunkered down to enjoy a few hours of live music with a hot coffee for company.

At the second warmup song the sun disappeared and the fog rolled in and still Bonnie sang, drowning out the freight train rolling by not more than 30 metres away. The crowd cheered her on. Mid-way throught the third warmup song an occasional raindrop splashed into my coffee cooling it to a more drinkable temperature. Still the bulk of the crowd of 50 or so stayed glued to their seats. A few of the less hardy took shelter under the awnings of the store fronts at the mall.

“Test. Test. More volume on the monitor. OK. OK.”

Outside the Lines took over from Bonnie and began to belt out what I call folk/rock songs with great harmonies from guitar, harmonica, mandolin and voice. They were great! Mother Nature welcomed them too by adding a steady rain that changed to a downpour. And still there were some hardy folk who stayed in their chairs under umbrellas. Most, though, took refuge under the awnings. But we stayed the course. It wasn’t until the rainwater began to pool in our chair seats that we reluctantly broke for the car to wait it out. The musicians never missed a beat.

The reward was a breathtaking rainbow to add visual emphasis to the music.

Picture this being introduced with music.

Picture this being introduced with music.

What a perfect evening. Great music with many friends punctuated with a rainbow. Not one person melted from the rain. All-in-all, a grand evening.                       GRB

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