Sacred Spaces…

Storm sky over Pebble Beach

Storm sky over Pebble Beach

Since my childhood Lake Superior has been a sacred space for my family; more specifically, Pebble Beach. My parents and sister and I worshiped here frequently when I was growing up. It is still a sacred space and my wife and children also recoginze the spirituality of the place. Our children still make pilgrimage to this spot when they return home for visits. Throughout the years when I feel troubled or need a place to think I go to the water at Pebble Beach. It is a quiet spot to commune with the Creator. It is  a cleansing place and I always feel refreshed and at peace following a visit here.

Some years ago my youngest son asked me to learn to scuba dive with him. Since then we have been diving buddies and one of our favourite places to dive is in the cold waters of Lake Superior. It has allowed me to experience my awe and wonder of creation in a whole new light; to experinece Superior from above and as part of it. I feel incredibly safe when suspended in her waters. This is the time iwhen all my physical aches and pains disappear. Cradled! It deepens my relationship with my understanding of God and my faith.

Saturday morning Dave and I went diving; our first for this season. It was glorious! I felt refreshed. Mostly, I felt at peace suspended in the water, laying on my back watching my air bubbles travel upward to break on the surface. I can hardly wait for the next dive.

Greetings from inside Lake Superior

Greetings from inside Lake Superior


On days like this, life is perfect. Thanks, David. Love, Dad.                                               GRB

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